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How to decorate your Mountain Cabin [Guide]

How to Decorate your Mountain Cabin

Having a cabin is a unique type of home that has a specific aesthetic associated with this type of space. There are many styles for cabins nowadays. There is the classic log cabin that is a timeless reminder of how cabins looked hundreds of years ago. There are even newer design trends with cabins, such as the modern Nordic style, which boasts a minimalist and sleek appeal.

However, if you are wishing to design and decorate your cabin, there are some things to keep in mind when starting off. Here is an easy run down of how to decorate for your cabin.


The most classic material for a cabin is wood. Think of the iconic log cabin and you will understand why. This material connects to the surrounding forests and natural landscape that often encompasses a cabin. You do not have to have that traditional lumber though. If you have more of a modern cabin, still bring the wood material in, but use lighter toned wood. This will instantly update the cabin aesthetic. For a more traditional cabin, opt for classic and warm wood tones such as cedar and cherry. Use this in your flooring, kitchen cabinets, and furniture pieces.

Other materials to consider in your log cabin are stone and metal. Aside from the log walls in traditional cabins, a stone fireplace is another classic feature. If you have a more modern cabin, switch out the stone for blackened steel. It creates a sleeker and streamline look and feel. You can also add this material in through furniture, such as finding end tables with thin metal legs or light fixtures that are made of this type of metal. 

Color Schemes

A classic color scheme for a traditional cabin features colors in darker and richer tones. For example, dark burgundy reds, hunter greens, and navy blues are a good color combination for a log cabin. If you want a more neutral color scheme, stick to warmer browns and beiges that match with the warm wood tones in the furniture and flooring.

For a modern cabin look, go lighter with the neutral colors. Taupes, mushrooms, and creams work well with the lighter wood. The jeweled colors of red, blue, and green still work great with this design style as well and offer a bold contrast to the light flooring and furniture. 

Patterns and Prints

Nothing is quite as classic of a cabin print as plaid. Use this in throw pillows, blankets, and bedding for that traditional cabin feel. Other classic patterns for cabins include indigenous styled patterns. These look great not only in blankets and pillows, but area rugs as well.

If you are wanting an iconic hunting or woods themed cabin design, go for prints that contain natural elements and items, such as pinecones, animal tracks, and antlers. This is a classic look and great for those who enjoy that nostalgic cabin feel.

Going for a more modern look? Plaids still work well in an updated cabin. However, other patterns work well too, such as polka dots, graphic lines, and color blocking prints. These add that fresh and clean feel into that Scandinavian style cabin.


There are so many options when it comes to furnishing your cabin. Since cabins are associated with a rustic and woodsy feel, having pieces with rustic elements, such as dings, nail marks, and weathered paint works well. Antiques are also a good choice for this classic cabin décor, as most pieces already have these weathered and worn elements due to the age of the furniture.

If you are focusing on a more Nordic style cabin, the furniture will consist more of lighter wood tones and dark black metal, such as a dining table with a blonde wood top and thin metal legs. Scandinavian cabins are very light and airy, so the furniture in these types of spaces is the same. Look for small frames with thin legs and streamlined in shape.

Decorative Elements

The décor is somewhere where you can really go all out in directing the type of style for your cabin. For example, if you enjoy the hunter’s themed cabin, opt for pillows with bears, pinecones, deer, and other nature elements. Add antlers to your wall, and find rugs, knick knacks and wall art that suit this style.

For more of a lodge look, keep things refined by selecting antique décor, such as brass lamps, oriental rugs, and classic hunting or landscape themed oil paintings in ornate gold frames. Antlers still apply in this design theme.

If you want more of a Nordic and modern look, keep the décor sparse. This style leans towards minimalism, so less is more in this case. Perhaps add a nice simplistic vase or singular bit of wall art, but don’t go over the top in this style.

As you can see, there are many directions to go in designing and decorating your cabin. Think about each of these aspects, from materials to décor when stylizing your space to help create the perfect cabin for you to retreat in.

Happy Decorating!

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