Take The Perfect Airbnb Photos

First impressions are everything, and in the age of information and research, having the best foot forward for your Airbnb listing is crucial. We're proud to say that our rugs are in dozens of Airbnb cabin rental and dot the aesthetics of each listing. As important as a rug can be to the overall vibe and pieces of a listing, it's not everything. 

In this article, we're going to show you how to take the best and more professional photos of your Airbnb listing to get the most attention and inquiries. The best part is that you won't need anything too fancy to take the photos with. The iPhone or the high-quality Android phones of today take photos that would have cost thousands of dollars only a decade ago. We're going to take advantage of this. Even better, since internet traffic is now mostly mobile, you can edit all of your photos using apps like VSCO and Pixlr and upload them straight to your listing via the Airbnb app. 



Find Space

One of the most important things to remember when taking photos of listings is that you want to give the impression that your listing is larger than life. Now, of course, if your listing is 300 square feet, you shouldn't lie or be misleading, but part of good listing photography is making the rooms and bathrooms look spacious because photos off your phone tend to make things look smaller than reality.

Use furniture pieces and elements of the rooms in your photography appear next to common parts of the room like doors and windows to give the experience of reference point to the eyes looking at your listing. 


Use filters, but don't overdo it

Don't overdo the saturation, and make sure you're not overexposing your images to make them look more "popped" out. You don't want to lie or deceive your guest either. We do recommend have bright and beautiful curtains, bedsheets, or rugs to try to bring more colors out of your photos.


Think of lifestyle

When you think of professional photography, you may have the feeling that everything needs to be staged. We recommend you use some models drinking coffee, a couple, or even a puppy (if you're listing is pet friendly) to try to sell the emotions and experience of people staying in your rental.

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