Tru 180

The Tru 180° name represents a change in direction, a reversal of one’s action or condition. The brand name reflects the manufacturer's use of recycled materials in the construction of the furniture. Tru 180° products offer a chance to change the direction of busy lives by relaxing with family and friends.

The poly lumber of T 180 is produced with pre- and post-consumer recycled high density polyethylene (HDPE) such as milk jugs and other single-use plastics. It is resistant to moisture, salt, sun, insects, fungi and other environmental stressors as well as corrosive substances, oils,and fuels which make it long lasting. Poly lumber does not splinter or crack and dosn't require sealing or painting to maintain the finish due to a UV resistant additive and solid coloring throughout. Tru180 furniture is easy to clean with soap and water and the stainless-steel hardware renders the products rust free. Tru180 furniture is built to be durable and sustainable for whatever the environment throws at it. Their crafts men hae perfected their craft through generations making each Tru180 piece blue ribbon worthy.


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