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Choosing the Right Sized Rug – Your How to Guide

Shopping for furniture can be scary, but nothing is probably as intimidating as shopping for a rug. Aside from all the things to consider with a rug, material, pattern, color….knowing what size rug to get is important. Need help? Read on for your guide to shopping for the right sized rug.


Know the Common Rug Sizes


Though room sizes may vary in shape and square footage, rug sizes are pretty much standard in the industry. While custom is certainly an option, you will pay more for this. Knowing the common types of rug sizes, you will have an easier time when selecting your rug. The common sizes are as followed:


  • 2x3
  • 3x5
  • 4x6
  • 5x8
  • 8x10
  • 9x12


There are also circular and oval rugs which are measured by diameter. The common sizes for those are such:


  • 6’ diameter
  • 8’ diameter
  • 10’ diameter


Where in your Cabin is your Rug Going?


The first thing to finding out what sized rug you need is figuring out where in your cabin it is going. Are you wanting to furnish the master bedroom or simply add some coziness underfoot in your hallway? Knowing the room size can help in determining the actual rug size for your space. For example, a hallway is a great place for a runner (as is the space between the kitchen counter and a long island). 9x12 and 8x10 are good options for bedrooms and larger areas such as living rooms. Smaller rugs such as 4x6 are good for reading nooks and tiny dens.


What Type of Furniture are you Working With?


A big factor when it comes to shopping for the size of your rug is knowing what type of furniture arrangement you are working with. Are you wishing to add some style under your dining room table? Most likely, a 5x8 will suit you fine unless you have a long table fit for Thanksgiving dinners. Is your dining table round? Have a round rug that works with your furniture’s shape rather than against it.


Are you Trying to Frame a Vignette or a Room?


Sometimes you will see multiple tinier rugs in a room. This creates clusters or groupings of furniture. This is great for a work desk in a large common room, a couple of reading chairs in a corner, or other small furniture groupings. However, if you are wishing to fill your whole room’s space, such as furnishing your sectional, coffee table, and hangout area, then go for a larger sized rug.


Important Tips


One major tips when selecting the size of your rug is measuring the length of the furniture grouping in your space and adding or subtracting a foot or two, depending on which rug size would best match that dimension. It is important to get these sizes as close as possible. Too large of a rug and your furniture will look oddly spaced out. Too small of a rug and your furniture will look oversized. Like Goldilocks, you want one that is just right.



Happy Rug Shopping!

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