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Southwestern Style Rugs Can Bring Color & Pop To Your Cabin

A Southwestern-themed home is perfect for those seeking a more relaxed, laid-back vibe. The perfect combination of colorful patterns & Southwestern mindset.

If you’re looking for a perfect combination of beautiful colorful patterns and a rug that will make your cabin pop, then Southwestern Native American style rugs are the perfect fit. Traditionally, these rugs have been made by hand by the Native Americans who call the Southwestern United States home. In contemporary times, this has made the cost of owning beautiful original designs very expensive. At CabinRugs, all of our rugs are not made by hand, but they are made to order, and we work directly with Native American artists to produce the beautiful rugs you can find in our catalog.



Southwestern decor lends itself to a more colonial style, but modern styles can be incorporated without the need to change up the overall feel of your space in order to do so. Being subtle is key.

Whether it’s incorporating more modern elements into your decor or finding a way to keep the classic feel of your space, the key to making Southwestern decor feel less dated is to keep it simple. Make sure you’re not trying to incorporate too many different styles or colours into your space at once. Try to match the other pieces of your cabin or home with the subtle colors of the rug. No need to make everything red if the rug is red. The neat thing about Southwestern Inspired area rugs is that they can easily match a pure lodge style cabin environment even if the only southwestern decor is the actual rug.

Conclusion: While there are many ways you can add some unique character and charm to your own home, choosing a Southwestern style rug for your living room or dining room is one of the best ways to create that unique look you've been searching for!

In this article, "Southwestern" was used as a generic term to describe a style of decorating that is unique, and yet simple at the same time, and can be classified as a southwestern design style. This is due to the undeniable cultural and historical connection that the United States has had to the southwest since Spanish Colonial times.

Southwest decor is a decorative design movement originating in the United States that is characterized by a distinctive pattern of decor throughout the home and is based on a mixture of elements including plants, foliage, textures, floral prints, textiles, decorative metalwork, jars, and clocks. This simple yet interesting decor style has continuously developed throughout the twentieth century and is especially popular among people from the American southwest. In terms of design, southern decor is characterized by flat buildings with oddly shaped roofs that have a light gray or red finish. The windows and doors are usually smaller than those in other parts of the United States and often lack handles or handles that are larger than the originals. The decorative elements of this style of decor consist mostly of small jars such as bottles, jugs, and sinks, metalwork frames, and jars with lids and handles. These small details, together with minimalistic furnishings and decor, create a feeling of decorational simplicity that compliments the simplicity of the interior design. It is believed that this style of decor is often associated with the design of movie theaters and for this reason is often referred to as ‘the west’ or ‘western’ style of decor. Adding the final piece with one of our Southwestern Inspired rugs to your home can be the cherry on top of your interior design plans.

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